Manisha Fashionista- Reading As Hobby.

Fall In Love With Reading As Hobby.

Reading is an inexpensive hobby. When was the Last time you remember that you read a book or any novel? Do you enjoy reading or hate reading cause I love reading crazily. That’s why I do have a novel review section on this website cause of my love for reading. I’m passionate about different genres and authors. If you don’t like reading or you have not even given a chance to read as a hobby then you landed on the right blog.

Please read this blog till the end. In this blog, I am gonna share extremely interesting and surprising things to start reading as Hobby. For that matter If you are a beginner or a book-grammar. let’s know ‘How To Make Reading As Hobby-Advantages & Benefits.

How to start Reading As Hobby.

Nowadays more & more people are adopting reading as a habit these days. The fact that there has been a considerable increase in the number of published books or publishing houses. The popularity of books or novel credit goes to book review blogs or youtube channels speaking nothing but for it. Awareness had also grown cause of celebrity Authors and their best-selling books. Recognition all over the world to books or authors is just mind-blowing. Awareness through social media is also the reason for the author to connect Reader and audience.

Manisha Fashionista- Reading is very inexpensive hobby. Reading is like daydreaming with open eyes. Books take us to another world from this mundane life.
Manisha Fashionista- reading As Hobby

I will suggest you buy books from Amazon they give the fastest delivery and quality. Kindle edition option for e-books or novels as well. Amazon provides worldwide author and book options.

6 Tips on how to Start Reading as Hobby.

  1. So as a beginner starts with small or short story books with 40 to 50 pages or maybe 100 pages. I (will recommend you Mrs. Funny Bones by Twinkle Khanna) This book is consist of little stories and incident its real comic incident. A short book or stories will lead your interest. As in you will understand what kind of book or novel you would prefer to read for a long time. As you are excepting reading in your life as an interesting part of life.
  2. How To Make Reading As Hobby- Million dollar question. I know I am coming there, So to start reading as a hobby you need.
    1. 1st fix time starts as per your choice like start with 30 minutes in the morning while having tea. Even start with few pages for 10 minutes or figure out if you are fine to read more or not.
    2. 30 minutes before you go to sleep then gradually increase your time as per your interest & lifestyle. But make sure you add this to your day-to-day routine.
  3. As you start reading small stories and make reading part of your day-to-day routine. By then you will know what kind of genre you like. I mean short stories or fiction – non-fiction, mythology, etc.
  4. As you start picking the genre by now will you have the option to start with novels or novellas? Books pages that are more than 100 or more pages are called novels or novellas.
  5. Now with this, you have options to read a book in 3 ways. Ex:- Hard copy or Kindel edition or audibles so with these options you can continue reading as a hobby. If you ask me l like reading a hard copy of books or novels. Today’s time we have lots of paid and free app to read.
  6. If you find it difficult where to start or choose a novel or book. You can also read my Novel review blog I write lots of novel reviews which I personally read. You have options to watch lots of Indian and international blog review channels. or websites and review columns.

How To Make Reading As Hobby-Advantages & Benefits.

Manisha Fashionista- Reading As Hobby.
Manisha Fashionista- Reading As Hobby.

7 Secret Advantages & Benefits of Reading!

My reason for reading books or novels, reading is like daydreaming with open eyes. Books take me to another world from this mundane life. In this busy and stressful lifestyle, we all really need a break so take a break from real life. This is the best option to spend quality time with yourself we all get our me-time there. Reading can make you indulge so much you really feel an escape from your real life.

By reading you can feel the happy and positive person. I suggest rather wasting time on television or spending money on other entertaining stuff. You can have your favorite book in hand with your tasty snack or food. Surround you with your comfortable friends or family or with your partner at your home or even the garden. You can opt for a Coffee shop as well.

  1. Reading changes your perspective towards life if you really love or like it. While-Reading you can connect the book, which can really change your understanding of life philosophy or incident in real life.
  2. Reading stories or novels create emotions and connection towards the character or author. We start relating things that can be sometimes really good or intimidating. But we should always take positivity through books or characters or incidents. Must handle real life in a better way.
  3. Now books can absolutely increase knowledge that’s the only thing people can see. Moreover, deep that novels and stories or reading can be more than that for that matter in life. The best way to use the time is to improve an individual’s enthusiasm towards understanding people or situations. You can be a grown person as a great reader can be. Reading can change you so much you can’t even imagine on that level. If you give it a positive chance will change you trust me.
  4. Reading increases vocabulary however, that depends on what language you prefer. I prefer English the most and I think because of that I am more comfortable. Because of reading lots of books my command of this language is better than any other language.
  5. Choosing reading as a hobby is not wasting electricity or any energy.
  6. Start of the day or after a tiring day. Books or novels can relax you for the day and you feel productive towards your life.
  7. Expecting reading as a hobby can be really interesting. You get to read fiction and nonfiction books and real stories or build characters. This can inspire you in your real life.


  • As a reader always try to carry a book in your bag.
  • Try to set goals for reading a book make list for a week, month, year basically determine your reading goals.
  • Set a goal for completing books of a particular author, language, genre depends on your choice.
  • Read books that you actually enjoy.
  • Try listening to audiobooks or download ebooks
  • fix reading time and days.
  • Join book clubs or groups.
  • To be a good reader improve visualizing, questioning, determining importance, inferring these are signs of a good reader. All this helps to evaluate and understand written text.
  • While you read try to create a positive and cozy ambiance and non-distractive place.

Some people might feel silly that reading makes and keeps me happy. I don’t feel insecure about anything. Reading excites me and I can go on reading for hours and hours. Reading can change your life we can keep ourselves far from all negative people or situations by indulging ourselves in reading.

I hope after reading this blog you should really give chance to reading as a hobby. I hope these points and suggestions really help you to accept reading as a hobby. Let me know in the comment section after reading this blog if you started reading.

Happy Reading, Reading Lovers!

Lots of Love- Manisha.

Manisha Fashionista- Novel Love/ Reading.
Manisha Fashionista- Novel Love/ Reading