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Decor ideas transform your tiny living room into a masterpiece by using basic yet attractive decor items from Amazon.

I’m very happy & excited to write this blog. This will be my first lifestyle blog for Manisha Fashionista. Let me tell you all. I have such passionate creativity for lifestyle and home designing. Modern home décor ideas for room decor. When it comes to creating little DIY. We can experiment with things around us, they are the best solution for a small space. It’s a pretty lifestyle blog that’s full of my expert design advice. All decor ideas are close to my heart as I have personally done this entire decor setup which you are going to read till the end.

The living room is the first impression of the house as we walk into the room through it. Keeping in mind, as we all spend plenty of time in the living room area. It’s not only important for the living room to look great, but it needs to be functional and comfortable. From modern to formal or rustic to approach environment-inspired décor.

Let’s see how I have decorated my small living room by adding some simple elements.  So here I am with a new idea. How I created and decorated my cute little rustic living room. I thought I should not stop myself to do some quirky home décor or DIY keeping in budget. I wanted to decorate the house in a simple, minimalist, and functional way.

Stylish & Affordable Small Living Room Decor Ideas.


These decor ideas will also work for people living in rental houses or rental apartments. Because I know rental house comes with lots of restrictions in terms of décor. So here I am going to mention everything with details for all of those people. Keeping in a note so that nothing should stop us to make our home look comfortable and beautiful to live in. With some quirky & trendy décor.

Know your place

Elevating your living room home decor can be tough. These living room decorating ideas are sure to help you find the style that suits you. Before even you start decorating your living room remember the climate, material, etc will long last in a particular location. Think of some theme elements to add décor things. Designing schemes or themes going to give a different look. Focus on channeling the themes like contemporary or totally modern or ethnic decor, the tropical vibe of a coastal home through fun motifs. Casual materials or beach house extra totally depends on the individual’s choice. Yet, maintain a look of sophistication through fresh upholstery, beautiful artwork, color schemes, and a thoughtful layout.

DECOR IDEAS- Manisha Fashionista

Let’s get started.



Decor Ideas- Add Something Unexpected “Comfy seating

When it comes to the living room it is hard working, we need lots of furniture to access, and storage. Instead of spending on a new couch or sofa for seating purposes. I came up with the idea, that as Indians we always keep some of the extra mattresses (gadda). For our guests either for a wedding or any event. I have a big fat Indian family. So rather keep this mattress in storage. I decided on a lower seating area a comfy seating, I love this kind of setup. The lower seating setup is quite trendy. Gives a cozy and comfortable feeling. I have now decided to set the stage up with a traditional floor seating living room area. That breaks up the classic elements with out overshadowing the sofa or couch very common seating arrangement.

To make it more cheerful

To give you all an idea. Let me tell you. I have a neutral color on the walls. I have a huge window with a light blue textured fabric curtain on it. Taking it further, I used 3 mattresses to create a lower seating area. To cover the mattress up I shopped online from Amazon. A Cotton Single Bedsheet, in color Turquoise Blue. I liked the color. Now I also liked the quality so will recommend all to buy.

Have fun with some cushions, pillows, and throw.

 I also got a Cushion Set of 5 of Size (16×16) again good quality and perfect size too highly recommended. With that to add little pop of color. I got some multicolor Digital Design cushion covers Pack of 5, size I went for 16 by16. So now the plain sheet with Jute Printed Decorative Sofa Cushion Cover Gives an amazing look.

Diy –“DO IT YOURSELF”- Décor ideas

You all can look around your house for what can be reused as décor. We can do DIY to bring some life. If u do DIY easily at home can turn a waste product into nice beautiful home décor. After doing some DIY which gives you a sense of happiness and satisfaction I know. I think you will love the process, after the result will bring a smile to your face. Don’t forget guest compliments too “wondering you did this really”

Living room decor- Manisha Fashionista
Decor Ideas- Open Terrace decor setup to chill, read & have my evening coffee.
Living room decor- Manisha Fashionista
This is another DIY done with printouts as required stick on cardboard hung with help of yarn.

What I did is I had an old small plastic seating stool at home that I was above to throw it. I spray-painted that stool in the color blue. As my theme was going with curtains blue and bedsheets which I used turquoise blue. I placed one corner of the lower seating area & placed a bunch of artificial flowers. White and baby pink which was available at my house. With that, placed a huge teddy bear a soft toy gifted by my hubby on my birthday. Again baby pink in color complements the bunch of the flower in pink shade. Which completes the look of the lower seating area with a cozy and comfortable feeling.

Living room decor- Manisha Fashionista
Living room decor- Manisha Fashionista

Few more DIY I converted my grandfather’s old trunk into a side table painted that trunk in vibrant yellow. Yellow is my happy color. Had old wine and beer bottle at home I did DIY with that as well to compliment the yellow trunk I used colorful yarns like blue, pink, purple & yellow. Added buttons to finish the bottle look. Place bottle together in a tray with a blue glass lamp, also place some novels candle to complete the setup.

Decor Ideas- Bring fun to the floor

When you have a neutral wall and floor. Choose one statement items that bring a surge of colorful energy. It can be anything like art on the wall or wallpaper. I decided to a rug on the floor. Just in front of that seating area I added a multicolor Braided contemporary rug or for the floor Very colorful. It will add an ethnic touch to the home. It is very desi. if you are someone who is looking to decorate your place I would recommend this too. The product looks so good in contrast to a plane floor, hand weaved, soft and it’s durable. It is just as shown in the picture. It is thick and tightly woven. Just go for it. What a beautiful rug I just love it. Well spent money on Amazon💕🌟

Living room decor- Manisha Fashionista
Hand made Colorful braided Rug

 Get Weird with Coffee Table

I went with this casual & chic coffee table. This Round Table features gracefully, an expansive tabletop with a lower shelf that is perfect for any casual-cool living room. Thanks to a rustic mix of metal & engineered wood. Great for any living room. This is the perfect mix of fusion style and comfort. Size is also quite good 62 (L) x 62 (W) x 45 (H) cm. I’m in love with this beautiful coffee table amazing unique & elegant. Gives a different vibe to the room just go for it. I also sometimes use it in my huge balcony attached to the living room. It’s so handy very light weighted.

Living room decor- Manisha Fashionista
Rustic Coffee Table

Coffee Table D.I.Y Decor Ideas

Instead of decorating your coffee table with the classic assortment of stacked coffee table books. opt for something subtly quirky and unique. Cover the surface with a collection of classic pots and planters. which both enhance the beauty, traditional elements throughout the space as well as the more modern ones. Making for a fun and eclectic yet timeless whole. I keep on changing the décor on the table. According to the mood or festive requirement daily or weekly basis. I’m sharing a picture for coffee table décor ideas which I recently did hope you all will love it. You can get décor items for local market inexpensive ones. An option for shopping is a local supermarket like dmart or online like Amazon online portals. Under 200rs you can create a beautiful center table décor with little items.

Living room decor- Manisha Fashionista
coffee table decor
Living room decor- Manisha Fashionista
coffee table decor
coffee table decor
Living room decor- Manisha Fashionista
coffee table decor

Decor Ideas- Glam Up With Lights

I went with the daylight 16 LED Card Photo Clip Holder Garland String Fairy Light, Yellow color. Here I clipped some of my family pics which I can just see whenever I sit around the place. I feel nostalgic. when I see all pics all are now memories. My happy moments so it feels amazing, guests admire the family pictures too. These types of lighting are perfect for any occasion. Ideal for hanging pictures, artwork, or lightweight items to hang. Perfect lighting decoration for living room, galleries, and birthday, festival, or party. This is my favorite decor idea for all seasons.

Living room decor- Manisha Fashionista
led clip lighting with pictures

This led photo string lights to emit a cozy warm white-yellow light. This light illuminates pictures reasonably well to let off a tone of elegance and ambiance in your house. We can create any shape using these types of lighting strings. You don’t need to worry about hanging the string. Just go for wall sticking adhesive hooks good quality ones. This hangs sturdily on that nothing to stress to hit a nail or anything on the wall. It’s quite flexible to use and you can keep changing the idea of lights or wall hanging art. The product is in-expensive gives great look to a wall so will recommend this as well.

Decor Ideas-Mandir(temple) In The Living Room

As Indians and Hindus, we all have a small mandir or pooja Ghar or temple in the house. As we don’t have a separate place for the temple. I  decided to go in the northeast direction of the living room area. With cute little mandir of ours which turned up pretty amazing “look-wise”. To place all things in the mandir for the base of idols and pictures of god. I purchased Wall Shelf to keep a beautiful idol of our god wood Kartindia Mdf Home Temple with bells. Which gives a more temple kind of look to it the wood and design of the product are very clean and nice, easy to hang comes with hardware best for home temple or wall hanging or shelf in corner of any room. Lightweight items can be placed on this shelf.

Bring texture to the wall or be bold with wallpaper.

Another best decor idea – To complete the look of the whole temple. I place a Stick Me ‘Shree Ganesh, Colorful Wall Sticker’ above the wooden shelf. Which gives a real huge temple illusion that gives a feeling at home. Covers the wall beautifully. Sticker is self-adhesive quick and easy to apply on smooth walls or tiles. I also placed ethnic looking wall hanging both the side of a shelf of a temple. Which I got from street shopping in Diwali from a local market. This completes my mini cute temple of the house excellently.

Entertainment & Work Deck Up Area.

Let me tell you another side of the room & side of the wall. I placed regular stuff like TV. Below is the music system for music and watching films. Also to party with friends and family. For seating, I kept two side chairs placed with blue cushions. I have a small kitchen. So I placed my fridge in the living area. Same corner hiding pc work station for my hubby. Which is hardly visible to others which gives me a neat look. On other hand near the living room. There is a huge window. I also placed 2 plastic good quality chairs dark in color. My mom got it for me from a local market for 600 Rs/-can u imagine.  For comfy, I placed some cushion cover from my brand “k9urban” which gives another comfortable seating for guests.

Living room decor ideas- Manisha Fashionista

Overall Living Room Decor!

This complete setup gives a different look day and night. The best part of our living area is the false ceiling and light has done smartly. This gives an amazing night look for a party with friends and family. For any occasion but you will love the whole vibe of the room in a day it is cozy and the night is vibrant and nice. All this together gives a nice feeling with natural light and breeze you can sit and relax. The night is shining with awesome false ceiling lighting. Ferry light with pictures, mandir light, and coffee table décor led light. All this makes the living room feel cheerful and cozy.

Lighting has changed the game of the house. You can see both the time day or night view different from each other and vibe can be enjoyed happily. I am super excited and happy to share my decor ideas. What I just created with small things in a very inexpensive way. I hope you all will like the decor ideas and will use them in your house too. We spend money online definitely feel like money well spend on Amazon for my required products.

Overall Living Room Decor!

Hope these blog decor ideas inspire you and help you all to create your beautiful paradise.

Please comment down what’s your favorite item from Amazon? I like the rustic & chic coffee table.

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