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The past year and a half have been a phase of unseen & unheard escapades for one & all. The impact may have been different, but there surely has been a change of lifestyle for the major lot. While you are the only one who decides whether to cry over spilled milk or to make hay while the sun shines, we would try and add some bling to the positive side of this otherwise gloomy β€œDays of Our Lives”(Pun intended!!)

How to Move out for work- Comfortable & safe yet stylish.

Necessities or Luxuries, all businesses have taken a setback during this prolonged lockdown and are trying to recover whatever little they can through clearance sales and heavily discounted products. A good part of the working population has already resumed going to work since the past few days, the rest of you will too be back on your toes rather sooner than later!! In addition, this is going to be as exciting as going back to school after prolonged summer vacation. New uniforms (not for you!), new shoes, new bag, new water bottle, new this…new that!! Phew… the list was never exhaustive!! Although you cannot go back to school days, you can still go back to the excitement of new beginnings.

Buying things just because they are on sale might not have been a sensible thing to do earlier, but now it makes more sense than ever. A little thought and deliberation on what to buy and what not to buy could set the tone right and ensure you do not end up overbuying or splurging were not needed. Moreover, surfing innumerable websites & pages to check for the best deal is altogether a different ball game. But fret not! Hum kab kaam aayenge!! We shall help ease your anxiety a bit and also prevent you from burning a hole in your pockets. So, here we go…. Our picks on what you should buy to make most of this lockdown sale & haul….

Work Wear!

Office outfits

Ahem Ahem!! A rather sensitive topic for a lot of us here. We anyways never had enough clothes for any occasion, now we do not have an occasion as well!  Jokes apart, clothes are going to be a priority buy once we all start going back to work. Though your wardrobe might have no space for new buys, a detailed check over the weekend of what is worth wearing may give you an idea of what you exactly need to buy.

Apart from just checking if you fit into those clothes, it will also be worthwhile if you pay attention if any of these have worn out for the reason of not being used for a while. A button that has gone missing, a zip that needed fixing even before the lockdown set in, a stained shirt, a faded Tee-shirt, and excessively used & worn off churidar, an unintentionally pale-looking pair of denim…. Alternatively, just something you never felt like adorning on yourself… Just get rid of it!! Yes, I’m serious. Not only will it make space for your new buys, but de-cluttering is also therapeutic in itself. Below are few links that might help you begin your hunt.

For More outfit ideas click on the link below

For your western formals:

For your Indian formals:

Comfortable Footwear

We know it needs no genius to tell you that you need pair of footwear to go to work. What we want to stress is the kind of shoes you need. If you are someone who has had limited travel or commutation during these 1 to 1.5 years, it is better you do not resort to wearing heels right from the first day to work. Though you have worn it (and even slept with it) for years, it is better to avoid them for a couple of days until you get used to your routine.

Try wearing comfortable ballet shoes or walking shoes (if possible) if you walk a lot in your work routine. You could also opt for trendy flats, Juttis, or Kolhapuris to go with your ethnic formals.  With the varied options of comfortable styles, you would not have to compromise on your style quotient while also staying in your comfort zone. Our picks for comfortable styles are here:

All time hit Crocs ballets:

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Never out of fashion Bata:

Buy BATA Women’s Laser Dip Ballet Flats at

Comfy Friday wear:

Buy Marc Loire Women’s Athleisure Lightweight Active Wear Knitted Mesh Slip-on Comfortable Casual Flat Ballerina Shoes for Walking, Athletic, Gym, Work, etc at

One for all looks Jutti:

Riyashi Women’s Jutti: Buy Online at Low Prices in India –

Different colors of Kolhapuris: Footrendz Women’s Designer Synthetic Leather Kolhapuris: Buy Online at Low Prices in India –

Trendy Masks

Let’s get real. Even if you have got both your shots of vaccination, you’re not invincible. Therefore, masks are your best bet to do your bit to keep you and others around you safe. Moreover, you definitely do not want to be decked up head to toe and go with a boring look to bring down your look. Buy a few go with all masks or if you feel fancy buy a matching one for each pair! There are many brands that offer matching masks with the apparel they sell. Saves you the effort to go looking for a matching one.

Waterproof & sweatproof makeup

Since masks would be covering a good lot of your face, you do not want your makeup to be compromised or look patchy due to the constant movement of the mask on your face. Investing in a good base and eye make-up can up your make-up game. Whether you want to invest in lipsticks or not is totally a personal call. But if you do, do look for long-stay or matte ones so it doesn’t smudge really soon.

Sanitizers & Wipes

The last thing you want while returning to work is to let your guard down and become exposed to viruses & bacteria that have toppled the whole world like never before. Pick your armor based on your convenience, usage, and nature of the job. The array of sanitizers available in the market is no less than the variety of makeup available. So you can have fun choosing various fragrances and forms. Below are few options you could explore.

If you think this article proved useful to you and you’d like to hear more from us, do let us know. We’d be more than happy to cater to your beauty & fashion needs!! We do plan on writing a part 2 for this, but that totally depends on how many responses we get from your end for this one. Also, if there’s something specific that you’d want us to research on and cover, we’ll be elated to do that for you. So, drop in your comments & suggestions and let us know. Please don’t forget to comment down below.

Hope this Blog helps with work styling and shopping!!!

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