Let Me Go: To "Friendship...With Love. πŸ“šBy Shriram Iyer" Book Review.

A boy and a girl can become friends?

At the climax of their teenage years, as Indira falls in love with a guy five years older, she finds herself caught between friendship and loveβ€”neither of which she can let go.

PLOT: 5/5





SUBJECT: Romance, Friendship 5\5

ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED: Fingerprint! Publishing (1 November 2017)

AUTHOR: ShriramIyer

GENRES: Fiction

COVER & PAGES: Paperback 280 pages 5/5


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Let Me Go: To "Friendship…With Love. πŸ“šBy Shriram Iyer.- Manisha Fashionista
Let Me Go: To “Friendship…With Love. πŸ“šBy Shriram Iyer.

My assumption: A topic that was close to my heart. When I first read the blurb for the novel, I assumed it would be another cliched love tale. It was far from it and left me thinking deeply about the nature of love, friendship and everything in between.

Characters: Let Me Go…begins with Anshuman Kale aka Anshu has always been an introvert and studious boy. After relocating, he meets Indira Kelkar, who is engaged to Alisha (or Allie)… I found the characters of this book very interesting and fun.


A boy and a girl can become friends.

But can they remain friends forever?

Friendship between a girl and a boy is often called into question, whether it’s by community or by the individuals concerned.

This book beautifully depicts this relationship and allows us to put ourselves in Indira and Anshuman’s shoes.

Story Line: When Anshuman Kale first meets Indira Kelkar, all it takes to bring them close is a lost school bag, a missed school bus leading to a walk back to stave off the after-school hunger, I went home to make a few cutlets. Nothing will get in the way of the now best friends’ relationship as they grow up together. Or so they think!

Indira is torn between friendship and love as she approaches the end of her adolescent years and falls in love with a man five years her seniorβ€”neither of which she can let go. “However, as their lives begin to changeβ€”for the better, for the worse, and for the worseβ€”Anshuman is forced to reconsider one of the things he had taken for granted. He and Indira will remain best friends for the rest of their lives.

Anshuman, who has been apart from Indira for years, is counting forward to marrying the love of his life, while Indira awaits the outcome of her euthanasia appeal. What could possibly have gone wrong?

“How far will Anshuman go for Indira as their lives collide once more?”

For that you have to check this piece of story…so go get this book. I am glad to a have this novel in my novel collection.


Author Details, Shriram Iyer is a Melbourne-based management academic who was born in India. He has a large collection of stories, film screenplays, and theatre scripts. “In addition, he is a singer who has collaborated with Shankar Mahadevan. Wings of Silence is Iyer’s debut’s novel. He’s a talented singer-songwriter with over 2.5 million YouTube views. he launched his first pop album, Is Dhundh Mein, in 2007 with Shankar Mahadevan.

My Verdict: I love the freshness of the story and the depth of the characters – there are no cliches and nothing is predictable. Highly recommend if you’re looking for a fresh and addictive read.

This is an engrossing novel that will keep you reading until the end. This part, which is beautifully shifted from the past to the present and vice versa, keeps you hooked. Loved the ending of the story. Although found a few things hard to digest but then it’s a huge world with different kind of people so anything can be possible.

Just an awesome story with well-portrayed feelings and the greatest character descriptions I’ve ever read.

As I was reading it, I had the impression that something was happening right in front of my eyes. It’s a little long, but it’s the best story I’ve ever read.. Beautifully written, fast paced, very interesting story line. I really just fell in love with the book author, Writing, Characters I mean everything.

“Go ahead and buy, I’m sure you’ll enjoy reading it.”

The author won’t make feel you sad and will ensure he will make your feel worth each penny you spent.

Happy Reading, Reading Lovers πŸ“š

Lots of Love ❀️❀️❀️