Can’t Quarantine Our Love by Sudeep Nagarkar

A simple and short love tale that is full of messages that will melt your heart & spirit.



STORY: 5/5


SUBJECT: Friendship, Love & togetherness

ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED: Penguin Metro Reads (1 March 2021)

AUTHOR: Sudeep Nagarkar

GENRES: Romance novel, Fiction, Contemporary romance

COVER & PAGES: Paperback 256 pages 5/5


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About Author

Sudeep Nagarka’s Can’t Quarantine Our Love

Sudeep Nagarkar is the author of nine best-selling novels and the holder of the Youth Achievers Award. For three years in a row, he has been named on Forbes India’s list of the most influential celebrities, included on its list of 2013 Youth Achievers. His works have been translated into a number of languages, including Hindi, Marathi, and Telugu. The author has also written for television and given guest lectures at a number of prestigious institutions and organizations across the world.

Book Review:- Sudeep Nagarkar Can’t Quarantine Our Love

A brief and beautiful love storey, yet one that has been loaded with heartwarming emotions.

There are so many hidden truths and life lessons in this short, beautiful narrative! In a positive manner, Can’t Quarantine Our Love by Sudeep Nagarkar caught my attention. They went from being antagonists to lovers to life partners in a short period of time. They had a really natural and realistic relationship, which never felt overdone. Because each character has a unique personality, even if there is a surprise in the storyline, it won’t sound unoriginal. During the course of reading the book, I saw that he emphasized the critical aspect of how the educational system, and especially the engineering education system, isn’t serving the needs of the day. In India, the unemployment rate is so high due to a massive lack of market-based information, yet it’s not updated. When Avni lost her grandma, he examined the repercussions of an imbalanced connection. It took Avni some time to learn how to be independent because her grandma was a one-stop solution provider. We learned from Sudeep Nagarkar that we must make our own decisions, no matter how large or little. In spite of the fact that it was primarily a love story, I found it to be the author speaking loudly about friendship, family, and friends.

Recently, I read about the author how his personal life experiences influenced this novel. So whether it’s to pursue a career in engineering, to study hard in order to recapture the college experience, or to develop a strong sense of self and learn how to support oneself in order to, at last, follow your passion.

Sonal, Bani, and Dk are just a few of the other personalities that stand out. What I appreciate most is the author’s attention to characters and their perspective. At no point did any of the characters overpower each other.

The book’s message is extremely obvious. Love will bring forth your finest. And that love doesn’t begin with our spouse, but with ourselves.

It was a result of the pandemic that we were obliged to quarantine many items in our daily lives. It is impossible to confine our emotions – especially those of love and closeness.

A heart-warming narrative between two characters in Sudeep Nagarkar’s latest book tackles the concepts of real love. Avni, who likes spending time alone, and Sidharth, who is attracted to her from the moment they meet.

My Views and Experience of Reading.

Sudeep Nagarkar Can’t Quarantine Our Love

I was excited to read this book so much as this book was my first read by author Sudeep Nagarkar. I loved the book and couldn’t stop myself to complete this book in 1 single day in few hours. I believe sometimes all you need is a friend who will stand by you no matter what. Your life is blessed if you have that one special friend in it. These are the lives of both Siddharth and Avni, the two characters. Together, they have supported one another, shared their sorrows, faced challenges, and lived their lives to the fullest.

A certain feeling of love is capable of overcoming all that comes up in between. No matter what kind of relationship you have with that person, if you ever find the strength and courage to face anything, it’s all because of love.
Siddharth and Avni were both loved by so many people that they stood out as the best couple in this pandemic era just because of it. “Love Can’t Be Quarantined”, as they both proved.

In general, I enjoyed the storyline, especially since I am a lover of the romantic genre. How to stand by your loved ones in difficult circumstances was the theme of this tale. Simple language and powerful phrases are used. Fast-paced action is a hallmark of the narrative. Unbreakable love and unmatched affection and dedication for your mate will become clear. Highly recommend this book to all.

Happy Reading, To all reading lovers❀️.

lots of love

Manisha ❀️❀️❀️