Manisha Fashionista-Book by Twinkle Khanna Mrs. Funny bones

Book by Twinkle Khanna Mrs. Funny bones.



STORY: 5/5



ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED: Penguin Books India (18 August 2015)

AUTHOR: Twinkle Khanna

GENRES: Non-Fiction, Autobiography

COVER &PAGES: Paperback: 240 pages 5/5


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Manisha Fashionista- Book by Twinkle Khanna Mrs. Funny bones
Book by Twinkle Khanna Mrs. Funny bones

Mrs. Funny bones: She’s just like you and a lot like me!

The tag line of the book, ‘She’s just like and a lot like me” coupled with the celebrity author might make one wonder, how can one compare a normal Indian household living someone like Twinkle Khanna’s glamorous life. But that is the beauty of this book. It isn’t entirely the author’s autobiography, nor is it the usual tell-all that celebrities often publish. This is the story about a woman who is a mother of two, a common version of a celebrity, and someone who finds fun in the mundane. That is also what makes the book relatable, despite the fact that it was written by a celebrity’s daughter and married to one. Through her own anecdotes and by drawing parallels between a star’s life and normal life, she has managed to write a book that is funny yet at the same time. You are forced to reflect and comment on the situation due to the passage of time. Mrs.Funny bones is a comical take on the life of modern Indian women.

This book is a collection of, what seems like journal entries or blog posts, from the life of Twinkle Khanna – a mom of two.

What would have been randomly disconnected, but fascinating, slice-of-life entries become an enjoyable read thanks to her untiring wit and self-deprecating humour, sprinkled with bits of life-lessons.

The book is a great mix, especially in my current preoccupied state of mind.

My thoughts on the book: I picked this up on Amazon. I read it the same day I got it, in less than a few hours!. It held me engaged with no breaks, no water breaks, no loo breaks, and I couldn’t stop myself from finishing it because Mrs. Funny Bones is a short read, encouraged by the fact that I had previously read so much of the columns in a newspaper. Twinkle Khanna’s DNA column used to be one of my favorites. She is witty, amusing, and unabashed. She doesn’t take sides in front of others, and her frankness can sting a little. However, her sense of humor is unmatched and I read the book only to jostle my funny bone on a rather dull day.

What I really liked:

-The distribution of chapters alphabetically with a one liner intro.

– The general approach to each and every one who wishes to pick it up.

– Basic struggles actors go through in daily life (not exaggerated), relatable to all.

– To the point.

– Funny and sarcastic, but not overdone.

– Overall representation of the text, with small doodles here and there.

– SINGLE read book! I was very pleased with how quickly I completed it.

“- To make above for more satisfying, very cost-effective.”

Extremely entertaining and keeps you reading for a good amount of time! “I admire her humor and sarcasm ” & how she portrays things in a weirdly suitable manner.

Manisha Fashionista:-Book by Twinkle Khanna Mrs. Funny bones
Book by Twinkle Khanna Mrs. Funny bones


Here are some funny excerpts from Mrs. Funny bones

* β€œDon’t look down on people because they can see the crap stuck up your nostril.”

* β€œIntroducing myself Twinkle was a simple and effective way of ensuring that I would be mocked for the rest of my life, that immigration authorities at various airports would look at my passport, and that I would be teased for the rest of my life and Strangers harass me on Whatsapp with messages like * * β€˜Twinkle, Twinkle, little star, I hope you get hit by a car!

* β€œThe man of the house has kindly told visitors who have arrived to see the baby that I am inaccessible because I am β€˜milking,’ effectively sealing my fate.”’, and thereby sealed my status from cool chick to mooing cow.”

* β€œOur little satellite reached Mars because it was called MOM. If it was called DAD, it would still be circling the Earth, lost, but not willing to ask for directions.”

* β€œWe may have potholed roads but at least we have many people willing to travel with us on them.”

* β€œAfter fourteen years of matrimony, I have discovered that hoping your other half telepathically reads your mind only leads to someone wanting to punch the other one in the face.”

Final Review: Book is a very short read that’s the only sad point, Four hours is the fastest I have ever finished a book. Mrs. Funny bones is really β€˜funny’ and entertaining. I would recommend this book to everyone who respects others’ opinions and is looking for a light-read book is a laugh riot. Very interesting and well written. “Offers a glimpse on the activities of top Bollywood celebrity couple and highlights just how close their lives are to all of us.”

Happy Reading, Reading Lovers πŸ“š

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