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Best selling writer Ajay K Pandey

PLOT: 5/5

CHARACTERS: 4/5 Sheetal




SUBJECT: Transgender woman Sheetal and her struggles.

ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED: Westland (May 28, 2019)

AUTHOR: Ajay K Pandey

GENRES: Fiction, Literature

COVER & PAGES: Paperback 226 pages 5/5


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BBook Review An Unexpected Gift!
Book: An Unexpected Gift!

The cover is beautifully designed and it conveys deep meaning and thought. The cover is lovely, and the title is ideal for the story.

Book: An Unexpected Gift!

Story: The book is based on the thought that the woman who takes care of a child is superior to the one who gives birth. An Unexpected Gift! This book is inspired by Krishna’s two mothers Devaki and Yashoda. The story centers around a transgender, Sheetal. Ostracized by her family, she struggles to get a normal job. She likes kids and decides to work just as a babysitter. Abhay is a widower who lives in an urban society in Ghaziabad with his one-year-old son, Aayush. After the loss of his wife to cancer, Abhay continues to struggle to manage the period he wants to take care of his son and his office. One day in office, his boss suggested Sheetal be a babysitter for his son.

What tends to happen once he finds that Sheetal is a transgender? Will he help her to deal with the prejudice she faces in his building society, or to disavow her, as the others have done. A heartwarming story that challenges what we’re thinking about friendship, love and motherhood.

5/5 Review: First and foremost congratulations! To the author for such a wonderful concept. Touching such topics in India is taboo. So Still talking about the third gender is commendable. His novels are masterpieces with the epitome of emotions.

An Unexpected Gift is a beautiful story on a totally different subject, The story is about Abhay who lost his wife to brain cancer leaving behind a son Aayush, Sheetal enters into his life as a caretaker of Aayush. Sheetal and her struggles to get fit into society. Abhay, who is a single father, uninformed of Sheetal’s truth, decided to hire Sheetal to begin taking care of the baby Aayush his son. Sheetal adored Aayush as her own child, and they really shared a fantastic relationship of Mother & Son.

What’s going to happen when Abhay gets to know Sheetal’s truth? ?So what’s this unexpected gift that Abhay decided to give to Sheetal on her birthday? To get the answers to read this outstanding piece of writing. The storyline is crisp and engaging with the unique subject which gives a meaningful message. The author has done detailed research about the subject and some of the examples are mentioned which give depth to the story. Some of the quotes are really beautiful.

So it always feels good when the mainstream authors write upon a social issue. Because transgender is always loathed by a major sector of society. But certainly, they don’t deserve the hate they receive. It isn’t their fault how one can’t come into the world the way he/she is born. The analysis points to the issue along with this book. ⁣ I’m absolutely positive that after reading this fantastic story, people will eventually accept transgender with the love and respect they actually deserve.

“In An Unexpected Gift, finest writer Ajay K Pandey helps bring us an emotionally engaging story that questions everything we assume in about friendship, love and motherhood.”

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