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Name: The Girl in the Red Lipstick

Author: Ajay K Pandey

Release Date: 13 August 2021

 “We are all social animals, perhaps more animal than social”                       

 Arun-The Girl in the Red Lipstick

Arun and Lalita come from two different worlds. Arun is a best-selling author, and Lalita is a human trafficking victim. When Ajay first met Lalita, he had no idea that his life would take him down a path he had never imagined. As he struggles with his own broken life, financial difficulties, and the constant effort required to be an author, he finds Lalita’s courage and determination inspiring. Lalita has nothing to lose, so when the opportunity to save herself is presented to her, she seizes it; after all, she has been through the worst. Ajay discovers his tale in Lalita, but why does he put his life at stake for her? He wants to be there for her, to save her, but is it going to be that simple?

Friendship, life, and finding love in unexpected places are all elements of this book The Girl in the Red Lipstick it’s a charming story.

Plot:  ‎5/5

Writing Style & Skills: 5\5

Entertainment Quotient: 5/5

Story Line: 5/5

Subject: 5/5

Originally Published: Shristi Publishers

Book Cover: Paperback 3/5

Genres: Contemporary romance

Climax: Mind-blowing 5/5

Pages: 216 pages 5/5

Language: English

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BEST LINE: – “Always call a prostitute a lady, you have no idea what she has been through”

The chapter began with Arun visiting Kolkata, the “City of Dreams.” Arun slips and falls at a book launch, hurting himself. Arun gets a masseur to come to his room and relieve his discomfort. Here comes the story’s protagonist, Lalita. Arun doesn’t find anything appealing about her at first glance. She gives him a massage, depletes his mini bar, and then departs after getting paid. But there’s one thing people keep asking him: “Why don’t you write about a prostitute’s life?” To which Arun has no answer. When Arun hires Lalita a second time, he realizes that she has a tale to tell.

The Girl in the Red Lipstick- Manisha Fashionista
The Girl in the Red Lipstick- Manisha Fashionista

There’s nothing particularly unique about the plot’s premise. A man sympathizes with a prostitute and makes an effort to aid her. However, Ajay K Pandey’s story stands out due to the ease with which it is told. There are no exaggerated dialogues, descriptions, or unneeded exaggeration.

The narration mimics the way two individuals would speak in real life, which adds to the book’s reality. The more than 200-page book features three points of view Arun’s, Lalita’s, and Kajal’s, each of whom expresses their take on the scenario. It’s not uncommon for characters to have backstories that lead them to the present moment in their lives.

The pace of the book is just right; it’s neither too quick nor so sluggish that it becomes monotonous. It often takes unexpected twists, such as when Vishal, Arun’s best buddy, enters the picture. You may anticipate that the presence of a police officer would give the story a new perspective, but that is not the case. Even before Kajal appears, the audience expects a full-blown drama, but what happens next is a beautifully crafted sequence of events leading up to the finale.

When it comes to the characters

Nothing about Arun and Kajal stands out. They behave, make judgments, and think in ways that are not unlike those of any other rational individual in a similar situation. However, Lalita’s personality looks to be underdeveloped. Despite its potential, it falls short of its potential influence. Despite their seriousness, her problems come out as innocuous; as if they were a passing observation that didn’t merit much attention. Lalita’s subsequent outlook on life, as well as Arun’s attitude to her existence, has little impact. However, one part of Lalita’s characterization is laudable, namely her belief in herself and her resolve. Then kudos for the masterstroke!

The book’s title gives away the plot, and you’re right in thinking you know what’s going to happen. As it turns out you have no idea this can happen. Finally, the book takes a sharp turn for the worst in its final few chapters. This would have generalized the story and is also something that is widely available, but the author meticulously investigates the sentiments and emotions of two closely connected people and makes us realize the entire truth of the situation.

Fans of Ajay K Pandey’s, who are familiar with his work will no doubt be anxious to get their hands on The Girl in the Red Lipstick. However, for those who are unfamiliar with his work, this book is well worth the time it takes to read it. There is a tremendous feeling conveyed on each and every page of the book. The most surprising part of the story was how it concluded amazing mind-blowing climax of the book took my heart out unexpected but beautiful.

The Girl in the Red Lipstick- Manisha Fashionista
The Girl in the Red Lipstick- Manisha Fashionista

Ajay sir, you’ve done it again with another fantastic narrative. I adore how he writes each narrative in such a beautiful way. Sir, thank you so much for presenting us with yet another engrossing tale.

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