Hey, lovelies I had read and enjoyed Twinkle Khanna’s 2 ventures into books. Here I am with the new book review, Pyjamas Are Forgiving I was really very excited about this after reading the 2 books I ordered from Amazon. To my surprise, this book is really different from other books. Simple and surprising, yet funny sweet & familiar deeply unsettling. The story of Pyjamas are Forgiving tends to revolve around love, marriage, relationship problems, pining, and divorce.

Book by Best Selling Author Twinkle Khanna

📚BOOK REVIEW NAME:👖Pyjamas Are Forgiving

AUTHOR: 👸 Twinkle Khanna


SUBJECT: The novel is narrated by Anshu, a middle-aged woman who is suffering from a sleep disorder.


STORY: 4/5


ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED:   Juggernaut Books on 7 September 2018.

GENRES: Fiction

COVER & PAGES: Paperback 256 pages 5/5


Pajamas Are Forgiving

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Anshu meets her ex-husband in the tranquil sanctuary of Kerala’s Shanthamaaya spa, where food is strictly controlled, sex is forbidden, and emotions are made a priority, Anshu meets someone familiar and deeply unsettling – her ex-husband. Pajamas Are Forgiving, heart-wrenching, humorous, and wise, confirms Twinkle Khanna as one of our great narrators.

Manisha Fashionista- Pyjamas are forgiving
Manisha Fashionista- Pyjamas are forgiving

The Short Story- Pyjamas are forgiving

The book tells an immersive storyline in a fairly unexpected setting. “Pyjamas are forgiving” travels us to a remote ayurvedic holistic ashram in Kerala, where a forty-something Anshu seeks liberation from the doshas that trouble her.

Her fast-paced Mumbai life with its own struggles, and topped with generous amounts of calorie-loaded food and poisoned air doesn’t help much when it comes to keeping her body ailment free.

Shanthamaaya Sthalam, with its charming but efficient Dr. Menon, is Anshu’s go-to place when her heart needs to be in harmony and her body needs to be rejuvenated.

So over years, she has become a familiar face among the crowds of people looking for Dr. Menon’s legendary Ayurvedic therapies.

At this moment, however, there is just a minor difference. Her ex-husband Jay and his unnaturally young ex-mistress-turned-wife, Shalini, are among her inmates in the 28-day cut-off-from-the-outside-world course.

Shalini is everywhere Anshu isn’t: she’s youthful, gorgeous, and thin. Shalini, who took her husband as she was getting used to marriage and its many quirks.

While the two have been separated for more than a decade, Anshu can’t help but suspect how her heartbeat still skips a beat whenever Jay gazes at her or comes in close proximity. This is the tale of Anshu and her encounter with a past that refuses to move on.

Manisha Fashionista- Pyjamas are forgiving
Manisha Fashionista- Pyjamas are forgiving

Let’s talk about the characters- Pyjamas are forgiving

The major characters, such as Jay, Anshu, and Shalini, as well as side plotlines such as Lalit, Vivaan, Javed, Dr. Menon, and Jenna, are all wonderfully imagined and developed characters. Each of them has a certain complexity to each other, and I appreciate how sensible and realistic characters are.

Writing style: Twinkle Khanna

Twinkle Khanna writes in an effortless manner. She makes good use of wit and humor and sprinkles them generously throughout the narrative. Her writing language is just perfect impeccable & effortless use of fancy language gets us in normal flow like as we speak this normally. Like the way breathe. Her storytelling & writing style takes the reader to read her story anyhow and this book too.

What do I like the most?

Pyjamas are forgiving

If one prefers to read the story thoughtfully, there seems to be a great deal of information about doshas, Ayurveda, and Ayurvedic therapies that can be managed to learn just from reading it.

Furthermore, I started to enjoy the ashram’s perfect setting as well as the imaginative and precise details of running a holistic healing center. Cause I have never been at such place but need to visit for self-healing & calming. The way she was describing the surrounding to weather feel everything which we can imagine.

Also, as I have said, Twinkle has a great sense of humor, and her effortless writing is unquestionably the best aspect of this book.

Book Review

Manisha Fashionista- Pyjamas are forgiving
Manisha Fashionista- Pyjamas are forgiving

Final take: Pyjamas are forgiving

I absolutely loved Twinkle Khanna’s columns, which is why I enjoyed her first book, ‘Mrs. Funnybones.’ I thought, here’s a woman who knows how to express herself and has a wonderful sense of humor. Her second novel, ‘The Legend of Lakshmi Prasad,’ was fantastic. Fiction did not appear to be her strong suit. I was skeptical when she announced her third book would be a novel, but I was fascinated by the title. However, I placed an order as soon as the book was available and waited patiently for it to arrive. I had started another book, but when this one arrived, I quickly picked it up. The cover and concept both looked exciting. So, what could possibly go wrong?

 If one prefers to read the story thoughtfully, one can learn a lot about doshas, Ayurveda, and Ayurvedic therapies just by reading it.

I also enjoyed the ashram’s unique setting as well as the vibrant and precise details of running a holistic healing center.

As I previously stated, Twinkle has a talent for writing, and her impeccable writing is simply the best. “Pyjamas are forgiving” has a high entertainment factor. It’s an easy, quick, and handy read, that’s equally exciting and empowering. Anshu’s saga seems to have a bit of wisdom for everyone, and it would be unfortunate to not see Twinkle’s writing through individuals. Pyjamas are Forgiving climax was also quite thrilling. This would be unfair to suggest it was unpredictable.

Pyjamas are Forgiving climax was quite pleasant. It would be inaccurate to say it was unexpected. On the contrary, it was fairly obvious how the book would end long before the story reached its conclusion. This isn’t to say it wasn’t good. In my opinion, it provided a fitting conclusion to Anshu’s story, and that is what makes the difference to me as a viewer.

If you want to read a light and refreshing read & if you enjoy drama so you can pick this book. I felt the book is a little slow that’s all the negative point. Hope you will like the book review and you will give it a try. Please like and share this post Keep coming for a new Blog post. Don’t forget to comment down and follow me on Instagram @manisha_fashionista and check my you channel Manisha Fashionista

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