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Hey my lovely readers I bring you a new novel review in this blog post One Indian girl a novel by celebrity Indian author Chetan Bhagat.

Why do Indians have such a love-hate relationship with Chetan Bhagat? And, to be honest, I still don’t get why Chetan Bhagat is often trolled. He writes well, and there must be a reason why, despite the numerous criticisms leveled at him, his books consistently top the bestseller lists. What his critics most often overlook is the proof that Chetan is the only person who recognized Indian fiction among Indians. Fact, since its initial release in 2013, “One Indian Girl” has received praise for breaking Amazon’s pre-order sales record. So why is it that when I said that I am excited to read his new novel, the majority of the responses I get are “Haha”? Well, I’ll never get it, I guess!

AUTHOR: Chetan Bhagat

BOOK NAME: One Indian Girl

GENRES: Fiction, Romance

PLOT:  ‎Reception 4/5

SUBJECT: Feminism





ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED: Rupa & Co. Publication date. October 1, 2016.

COVER & PAGES: Paperback 280 pages 5/5


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One Indian Girl-Manisha Fashionista
Manisha Fashionista- One Indian Girl!

In a man’s world, Radhika Mehta, an incredibly successful I-Banker, faces challenges to strike the right balance between work and love. She was raised with the belief that her wheatish skin and over-education made her unappealing to men, but she meets some incredible guys who persuade her otherwise. However, they end up succumbing to their own male chauvinistic mentality that a girl cannot have it all and must make some difficult decisions in order to be with them.

All across the novel, Radhika is restlessly flowing around, trying to juggle everything on her plate: her successful career, her messed-up love life, her marriage-obsessed mother, and her beliefs. She is self-sufficient, ambitious, and wants to settle down with a man who does not force her to make a decision, just like every other Indian girl in 2016. It wasn’t because her professional life is more essential than her family, or vice versa, but just because she understands she’ll be able to handle it all when the time comes.


Rating * 4/5

Moving to the book then, “One Indian Girl” is a story of a girl called Radhika Mehta who is a hot-shot banker working in the prestigious “Investment Banker, Goldman Sachs “Radhika, who had also been as nerdy as one can be, is now arranged to Brijesh Gulati and has only just arrived in Goa for her destination wedding.”. But Radhika is unaware that the decision to marry Brijesh would not be as simple as she had expected. Things happen, and everything messes up (I’m not going to say much more for fear of spoilers), but will Radhika be able to maneuver her way out of this mess?

“Read the novel today to learn more and explore the interesting journey Radhika would happily take you on.”

One Indian Girl-Manisha Fashionista
Manisha Fashionista- One Indian Girl!

One Indian Girl”, to me, felt like a CHIKK-LIT though many people place it in the category of general fiction. The perfect part of the book is Radhika’s journey, which is as interesting and entertaining as a marriage celebration can be. Chetan has achieved an impressive job of writing in a female voice.

The story is written from Radhika’s perspective, and it’s challenging to believe that a man could write so truthfully about a female and her emotions. (According to what I’ve read, he interviewed a large number of women for this) Despite the reality that the book is ostensibly about feminism, it ultimately conforms to the norms of general chick lit. As a result, it didn’t come across to me as a — in particular feminist book. There are several feminist things sprinkled throughout, but they mostly take the form of rants.

The plot is really interesting. Despite the fact that there are many elements, they all come together brilliantly in the climax. The characters are also fun. Every girl would enjoy reading about Radhika and her adventures in Loveland. I also liked Debu and Neel’s characters, but Brijesh’s character doesn’t make any impact on me. The narration shifts quickly from the current to the past to the present, which adds to the book’s pace. The book in its entirety of 280 pages did not appear dull even at a single point. The story’s climax, on the other hand, was totally unexpected and managed to actually surprise me.

Surprisingly, I recognized myself in Radhika. I laughed with her, cried with her, became angry with her, and felt helpless in her presence. It’s exhausting to be a 25-year-old trying to make a living in a big city. Nonetheless, you put on a brave face and go to work every day.

When life throws you curveballs like heartbreaks and the pressures of an arranged marriage, it takes a piece of you away. But you pretend it’s just another breakup or squabble with your mother and move on. If you’re a Radhika, life is difficult. Despite this, you fight like a warrior and make it appear as if there were no casualties (even if you died a little).

The story inspires new readers to accomplish goals in their lives. In fact, the author Chetan Bhagat has pleased with his writings. The author often used to wake up the dreams of young people of the nation. Apparently, the author’s six best-selling novels ensure you do much bigger in your life.

One Indian Girl-Manisha Fashionista
Manisha Fashionista- One Indian Girl!

I hence recommend “One Indian Girl” to one and all. It is a pleasurable read. My rating for the novel is four stars, which says it all. Keep coming for a new Blog post. If you like this novel review don’t forget to comment down and follow me on Instagram @manisha_fashionista and check my youtube channel Manisha Fashionista

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