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BOOK NAME: Mrs. Funny bones

AUTHOR: Twinkle Khanna


GENRES: Non-Fiction, Autobiography



STORY: 5/5


ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED: Penguin Books India (18 August 2015)

COVER &PAGES: Paperback: 240 pages 5/5


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Mrs. Funny bones: She’s just like you and a lot like me!

Mrs. Funny Bones-Manisha Fashionista
Manisha Fashionista- Mrs. Funny Bones

Mrs.Funny bones- The tagline of the book, ‘She’s just like you and a lot like me” coupled with the celebrity author might make one wonder, how can one compare a normal Indian household life with someone like Twinkle Khanna’s luxurious lifestyle. But that is the beauty of this book-Mrs.Funny bones.

It isn’t purely the author’s autobiography, nor is it typical prove that celebrities frequently write. This is a book of a woman who is a mother of two, an ordinary version of the star, and someone who finds humor in the everyday situations that women in India face every day.

That is what makes the book relatable even though it has been written by someone who’s the daughter of celebrities and married to one. Through her own anecdotes and by drawing parallels between a star’s life and normal life, she has managed to write a book that is funny yet at the same time, forces you to think and comment on the situation. Mrs.Funny bones is a comical take on the life of modern Indian women.

Mrs.Funny bones this book is a collection of, what seems like journal entries or blog posts, from the life of Twinkle Khanna – a mom of two.

Her unwavering wit and self-deprecatory humor, with bits of life-learnings thrown in, transform what seems to be spontaneously detached, though interesting, slice-of-life entries into an engrossing read.

The book is a great mix, especially in my current preoccupied state of mind.

My take on the book-Mrs.Funny bones

Mrs. Funny Bones-Manisha Fashionista
Mrs.Funny bones is a comical take on the life of modern Indian women. She is witty, amusing, and unabashed.

I ordered this book from amazon. When I received I read it the very same day in under FEW hours! It kept me on the hook without any breaks no water break no loo break, I could not keep it down before finishing it cause Funny Bones is a nice read. Though I had previously read most of the columns in a newspaper before. I used to love Twinkle Khanna’s column in DNA. She is witty, amusing, and unabashed. She does not mince her words for anybody and her brutal honesty can prick a little. It seems, her sense of humor is unmatched and I read the book only to jostle my funny bone on a rather dull day.

What I really liked: Mrs.Funny bones

-The distribution of chapters alphabetically with a one-liner intro.

– The common alternative to anyone who seeks to pick it up.

– Basic struggles actors go through in daily life (not exaggerated), relatable to all.

– To the point.

– Funny and sarcastic, but not overdone.

– Overall illustration of the text, with a few doodles occasional.

– SINGLE read book! I was pleased with how quickly I finished it.

– To make the preceding more appealing, it is very cost-effective.

Extremely entertaining and keeps you reading for a good amount of time! Love her for her wit and sarcasm n how she portrays things in a weirdly suitable manner.


Here are some funny excerpts from Mrs. Funny bones

Don’t look down on people because they can see the crap stuck up your nostril.

Addressing me Twinkle was a flawless way to ensure that I’ll be teased all across my life, that immigration officers at various airports would scrutinize my passport, and that I would be humiliated and shake with hysterical laughter and strangers stalk me with What Sapp messages like, * * ‘Twinkle, Twinkle, little star, I hope you get hit by a car!’

The man of the house has very politely informed guests who have come to see the baby that I am unavailable, as I am ‘milking’, and thereby sealed my status from cool chick to milking cow.

Our little satellite reached Mars so it was termed, MOM. If this had been named DAD, it would be swirling the Earth, lost but unwilling to seek help.

We may have potholed roads, but we have a large number of people wishing to explore with us on them.”

After fourteen years of marriage, I’ve discovered that hoping your other half can read your mind subconsciously only leads to someone wanting to punch the other in the face..”

Mrs. Funny Bones-Manisha Fashionista
Mrs. Funny bones-Manisha Fashionista

Mrs. Funny bones-Book Review

Rating- 5/5 *

Mrs.Funny bones this book is a very short read that’s the only sad point, Four hours is the fastest I have ever finished a book. Mrs. Funny bones is really ‘funny’ and entertaining. This book chronicles Twinkle Khanna’s everyday life, including her children, famous mother, and superstar husband, Akshay Kumar. Highlights: witty, succinct, and straightforward A different writing style, fast-paced, breezy, and written in the manner of a typical day. However, what made this book succeed was the author’s nonjudgmental portrayal of her life, which was a little strange. When she was a renowned actress living as a normal married woman with other famous celebrities as family. The amusing, well-thought-out sketches give the pages an extra spark. Everything has a humorous element to it: how her name makes her feel, how her name came to be family trips/vacations; and the plane scene was hilarious!

I would recommend this book to everyone who respects others’ opinions and is looking for a light read book is a laugh riot. Very interesting and well written. Gives insight into the lives of top Bollywood celebrity couples and shows just how similar their lives are to any of us. Hope you like this blog article of novel review comment down in the section below for your review. Keep coming for a new Blog post. Don’t forget to comment down and follow me on Instagram @manisha_fashionista and check my youtube channel Manisha Fashionista

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