An unexpected gift review- Book by Ajay k pandey
  • Name Book: An Unexpected Gift!
  • Author: Ajay K Pandey
  • Release Date: May 28, 2019
  • Originally Published: Westland
  • Plot: ‎5/5
  • Writing Style & Skills: 5\5
  • Entertainment Quotient: 5/5
  • Story Line: 5/5
  • Subject: 5/5
  • Cover: Paperback “the cover is beautifully designed and it conveys deep meaning and thought. The cover is nice and the title is perfect for the story.”
  • Genres:  Fiction, Literature
  • Climax: 5/5
  • Pages: 226 pages 5/5
  • Language: English
  • Amazon Bestsellers in Books

An Unexpected Gift


An Unexpected gift the book is based on the thought that the woman who takes care of a child is superior to the one who gives birth. It is inspired by Krishna’s two mothers Devaki and Yashoda. The story centers on a transgender, Sheetal. Ostracized by her family, she struggles to get a normal job. She loves children and decides to work as a babysitter. Abhay, a widower, and his one-year-old kid, Ayush, reside in a Ghaziabad suburb. After losing his wife to cancer, Abhay struggles to balance taking care of his son and his office working hours.

One day, his boss recommends Sheetal for the job of a babysitter. Abhay interviews her and finds her perfect. What happens when he finds out that Sheetal is transgender? Will he support her in dealing with the prejudice she encounters in his building society, or will he forsake her like everyone else before him? A moving story that questions what we think about friendship, love, and motherhood.

Book Review

‘Giving up is not an option when someone calls you mother.’

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An Unexpected Gift

Powerful and Masterpiece

First and foremost congratulations, to the author for such a wonderful concept. Touching such topics in India is taboo. Still talking about the third gender is commendable. His novels are masterpieces with the epitome of emotions. An Unexpected Gift is a beautiful story on a totally different subject, the story is about Abhay who lost his wife to brain cancer leaving behind a son, Ayush, Sheetal comes into his life as Ayush’s caretaker. Sheetal continues to struggle to fit into society.  Abhay who is a single parent, unaware of Sheetal’s reality hired Sheetal as a caretaker for his son Aayush. Sheetal adored Aayush like he’s just her own child, and they had an incredible mother-son bonding.

What will happen when Abhay discovers Sheetal’s true identity? Why did Aayush start calling Sheetal “Mumma”? What was that unexpected gift Abhay gave to Sheetal on her birthday? Please read this outstanding piece of writing to get the answers. The storyline is crisp and engaging with the unique subject which gives a meaningful message. The author has done detailed research about the subject and some of the examples are mentioned which give depth to the story. A few of the quotes are absolutely beautiful.

An Unexpected Gift by Ajay K Pandey | Book Review
An Unexpected Gift by Ajay K Pandey | Book Review

It always feels good when mainstream authors write about a social issue. Transgender is always loathed by a major sector of society. Certainly, they don’t deserve the hate they receive. “It is not their mistake because someone can control how he or she is born. The author pointed out the issue through this book. I am very much sure after reading this powerful story people will start accepting transgender with love and respect.

Ajay K Pandey, an acclaimed author, introduces us to An Unexpected Gift, an emotionally intense saga that brings into question everything we believe about friendship, love, and motherhood. Hope you will like the review and give it a try. Please like and share this post Keep coming for a new Blog post. Don’t forget to comment down and follow me on Instagram @manisha_fashionista and check my you channel Manisha Fashionista

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