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In my recent visit to Miniso, I came across this product which is a bathing salt “Miniso Rose Exfoliating Bath Salt”. I have never tried bath salt as such. I always used body scrub since I was a teenager till now. Hence I was good to go ahead.

The product says it’s enriched with rose essence. The fragrance is sweet and salty. The presence of rose essence makes it sweet and obviously bath salt makes it salty. It says it makes skin supple, clean, moisturized, and fragrant. So for more details keep reading this blog.

I love Miniso, I always make sure to visit the Miniso store once in a while. I love their products. They have cute little products in all categories like stationery, beauty, accessories, makeup trust me all products are inexpensive and useful.

Manisha Fashionista-Miniso Rose Exfoliating Bath Salt
Miniso Rose Exfoliating Bath Salt-Manisha Fashionista

Product Review– Miniso Rose Exfoliating Bath Salt

Brand:- Miniso

Price- Rs 250/- 140gm

Product Form:- salt (granule)


Miniso Rose Exfoliating Bathing Salt comes in a small plastic jar container, with a black lid on top. All ingredients details are mentioned on the box. Products form is made of little granules of salt sweet and salty, the product smells rosy.

Why choose bathing salt?

  • Skin can be hydrated. Hence, even soaking in a warm salt solution for 15-20 minutes once a week provides significant benefits in terms of improving skin barrier function, hydrating the skin, and decreasing inflammation.
  • Reduces stress.
  • Assists with insomnia.
  • Provides essential healing properties.
  • It relieves pain.
Miniso Rose Exfoliating Bathing Salt- Manisha Fashionista
Miniso Rose Exfoliating Bathing Salt- Manisha Fashionista

How to use Miniso Rose Exfoliating Bath Salt?

Take an adequate amount of product in your palm. Gently massage on body parts will remove all dirt and dead skin leaving your skin soft and supple.


Coming to claims one by one

Supple Skin– skin feels a bit supple just after wash, but it doesn’t stay long therefore you have to hydrate your skin for a long effect.

Clean- Yes this is the most valid claim, skin feels squeaky clean maybe because of its exfoliating nature. It seems it cleans every bit of dirt and removes the outer dead skin layer.

Moisturized- I have dry skin and my skin doesn’t need moisturizer just after a bath when I use this. Hence as I mentioned it doesn’t stay for long so maybe after an hour or two you have to apply moisturizer.

Fragrant- Nope, at time of taking bath only it vanishes soon you step out from your bathroom. The fragrance is not long-lasting.

Experience of Miniso Rose Exfoliating Bath Salt

Miniso Rose Exfoliating Bath Salt- Overall, I liked the product the prices are affordable, and the small amount lathers up nicely. It takes time for the bath salt to be absorbed. It exfoliates well, but avoid using it on a regular basis. However once a week is sufficient. Enjoy a relaxing shower with Rose essence enriched soft, supple, clean 🌹. I hope this review blog post helps you to choose bathing salt. Don’t forget to comment down & follow me on Instagram @manisha_fashionista

Rating- 8/10

Do you like bathing Salt, which one is your favorite?

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Disclaimer- I have purchased and used this product. I have expressed my truthful thoughts on the basis of my experience.