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Just Herbs Lip & Cheek Tint is a natural tint infused with herbs that provides a natural gloss and moisture that lasts throughout the day. Made from all-natural pigments, it adds a natural sheen and moisture that lasts all day to the lips and cheeks.

From all across India, it is infused with powerful herbs that have been foraged for their medicinal properties. They eliminated toxic chemicals from the recipe, making it as healthy as possible without compromising the ‘glam’ factor.

Let’s get into detail about the brand and product as this is my first lip tint ever. This is the first product in my vanity from this brand I’m really excited to share my experience. In fact, being a lipstick & lip balm lover this was another way to experience something new for my lips and cheeks too. I gave it a try, 2 of their beautiful shade 02 Peachy Coral & 04 Mahogany. Get in details about the product and my review.

Just herbs lip and cheek tint- Manisha Fashionista
Just Herbs Lip & Cheek Tint is 2 in 1 all-around natural beauty product. Which is perfect for daily use. It is a made-in-India brand.

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just-herbs-lip-and-cheek-tint- 02 peachy coral
02 peachy Coral- just herbs lip and cheek tint
just-herbs-lip-and-cheek-tint- 04 mahogany- Manisha Fashionista
04 Mahogany – just herbs lip and cheek tint

Just Herbs Lip & Cheek Tint 02 Peachy Coral & 04 Mahogany | Review

  • Brand:- Just Herbs (Made in India)
  • Product:- Cheek & Lip Tint
  • Shade:- 02 Peachy Coral & 04Mahogany
  • Quantity /Size:- 4 gm 100% vegan
  • Texture & Finish:- Creamy & matte finish
  • Skin Type:- For all skin type
  • Price:- 695 RS/-

About the Brand – ‘Just Herbs’

This Ayurvedic skincare line. Just Herbs uses organic and wildcrafted herbs collected from all over India. The brand stands for honesty and purity.

To achieve this, the founders of Just Herbs set out to develop something more than just a luxury brand. They wanted to establish a brand that offered a pure and positive experience that was safe for the skin and the environment, while also providing solutions for common skin issues.

just herbs product review (logo- Manisha Fashionista)
Just herbs-Brand Logo

What exactly is Just Herbs vegan Lip and Cheek Tint?

For a beautiful look, this Lip and Cheek Tint provides a natural blush to your lips and cheeks and gives a glamorous yet natural look to your cheeks and lips. The texture is creamy and the finish is matte for the skin.

While Jojoba oil balances oil production to keep skin properly hydrated and moisturized, Javitri (Mace)-an exotic Indian spice-improves skin tone and complexion with this luscious lip and cheek color. Rice Starch is a great plant-based texture and oil-controlling ingredient for sensitive skin.

Just herbs lip and cheek tint- Manisha Fashionista
Just herbs lip and cheek tint- 7 Shades

Packaging of the Product

just herbs lip & cheek tint- Packaging- Manisha Fashionista
Product Packaging -Just herbs lip and cheek tint

Cheek and Lip tint comes in cardboard box quirky designed lip shape on in make it look unique. Inside the box, a plastic tub with a lid filled with beautiful lip and cheek tint. All the product details and information is available on the cardboard box. On the box shade of the tint is also mentioned.

Benefits & Features of Just Herbs Lip and Cheek Tint

Lips and cheeks are moisturized and nourished.

Gives a gloss & shine. Hydrates skin. No irritating smell at all.

Soft, smooth, and even-toned skin is a result of using this product.

No harmful chemicals are Paraben-free. 

No artificial color natural tint. 

Vegan product & natural key ingredients.

Key Ingredients


  • In addition, Javitri helps to enhance the skin’s tone and appearance.
  • The deepest part of the skin is hydrated, which makes your lips seem supple and juicy.

Rice Starch 

  • Helps in the maintenance of skin natural barrier.
  • Assist in moisturizing the skin.
  • The texture is a creamy matte finish on lips and cheeks.

Jojoba Oil

  • It maintains your lips soft by promoting collagen production.
  • Dry skin is moisturized, while cracked lips are soothed, leaving
  • them feeling soft and smooth.

How to use

Lips:- Take a generous amount of product by your finger or with the help of a lipstick brush gently apply on your lips.

Cheeks:- Apply tint directly to the apples of your cheeks should be dabbed and blended with fingertips, then the cheekbones should be blended lightly. The color intensity can be increased by layering the products.

just herbs lip and cheek tint- 04 mahogany- Manisha Fashionista
Just herbs lip and cheek tint- 04 mahogany shade

My Review & Experience 

As I mentioned this is my first experience of using any lip or cheek tint. I ordered this from the smytten app as I used points to buy this as a sample product. Check the smytten app in your mobile play store. While you login into the app enters Refer No:- fDH539 use this code and look for the product & you can place your order. Get points and shop your product.

I Ordered shade 02 peachy coral & 04 Mahogany 2 beautiful shades. Look natural and pretty. Shade falls in a nude natural tone for all skin types. Impressed with texture, color & application. Comes in a small glass box with a plastic lid. Must say I am really happy that I gave it a try cause it is not at all loud as other brand tints. In fact, we can build the color intensity by applying the tint & it also blends easily. Tint can be used as eyeshadow too. Will love to try other shades too.

Tint lasts for a good amount of time around 4 to 6 hrs no need to reapply. Ultimately, Lips and cheeks are moisturized and nourished. Lips and cheeks look glossy & shiny without makeup it looks natural. Besides, by using this double-duty product. On the other hand, I created a no-makeup look, used for my lips cheeks as an eye shadow. Yet no 1 can catch you that you applied makeup on. Truly this gives soft, smooth, and even-toned skin. The tint is great for moisturizing your lips and cheeks with a creamy texture.

My Verdict

A must-buy, and my go-to product. Beeswax any hazardous ingredients are absent from this vegan product. Silicones, synthetic film-formers & parabens are also absentHowever I have exceptionally touchy and skin inflammation inclined skin. However, I haven’t faced any itching or tickling, or burning sensation. As a result, I’m good to go with this tint & I will recommend it to all the lovely beauties who love to apply blush on cheeks & lip balm or lipstick lover.


Loved this product as it is a double-duty product that works amazingly on any skin type and looks natural, with no chemicals. I can use it daily & the best part is 2 in 1 product.


Bit expensive, I feel for 4gm quantity of product bit pricey so, the only thing which I think is not good. Then too still want to try shopping it from the smytten app.

Just Herbs’ Enriched Lip and Cheek Tint there are no artificial pigments in this, as it is a natural lip and cheek color. Proudly I can say made in India brand. You can apply it with or without makeup, works incredibly both ways😍. To sum up I will highly recommend it a try this just herbs lip and cheek tint.

Let me know in the comment section below if you have tried any of the tints. The Tint with Herbs is an all-purpose natural cosmetics product that adds a natural shine and moisture to the lips and cheeks for the whole day.

just herbs lip and cheek tint- 02peachy coral- Manisha Fashionista
Just herbs lip and cheek tint-02 peachy coral swatch
just herbs lip and cheek tint- 02peachy coral- Manisha Fashionista
Just herbs lip and cheek tint-02 peachy coral review

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