Manisha Fashionista-good vibes lemon cumber serum

Why Do You Need A Good Vibes Cucumber And Lemon Under eye Serum?

Good Vibes Product Review-

Manisha Fashionista-Good vibes under eye serum.
Manisha Fashionista-Good vibes

Hey, this blog is all about good vibes under eye serum.I am sharing my personal review. Good vibes products and serum is creating magic on the internet.

Let me share why do we need an under-eye serum. Perhaps the first signs of the aging process are often seen around the eyes. Good skincare is essential for this area. But you necessarily need to use a special eye serum or cream. Serum claim they’re going to help you get rid of under your eye bags, dark circle, and saggy and puffy skin, serum and under eye cream are a miracle cure. Trust me that really make a difference if you start using it as an essential skincare product.

Today’s lifestyle is really hectic and busy for all. However most of the time our eyes are getting affected by pollution or micro things. Which even we can’t see. Cause of our busy schedule and hectic life or even sitting most of the time & working on computers. For that matter using mobile or not proper sleep gives you a problem near the eye area. This area is delicate is to be taken care of. The under-eye serum prevents dull and puffy eyes and helps to keep your eye look bright and shine. The best part of Serum is to slow down the aging process. If we can start using serum will help us not to get into trouble.

I have been using this product for a month and felt to share the honest review.

Product Detail and Description

  • Product Details:- Good Vibes Cucumber And Lemon Serum
  • Price:- MRP 225/- Quantity:- 10ML.
  • Available on website:- Good Vibes,, Good Vibes Under Eye Serum – Cucumber and Lemon – 10 ml – Skin Brightening and Anti-Aging Formula – Removes Dark Circles and Puffiness – Cruelty-Free.

How to use it?

steps wash your face apply the serum on a clean face, Apply 2-3 drops of serum under-eye area using the finger or the dropper. Gently massage the area until the skin absorbs the oil. Leave it overnight or even can be applied under makeup.


Amazing ingredients are lemon and cucumber. They have lots of benefits the amalgamation of both has a great effect. Cucumber is filled with soothing properties this property of cucumber brings down the water retention in the eyes to reduce swelling and puffiness. On other hand, also serum is infused with the lemon, its property is to lighten the darkness and discoloration under the eyes.

  • Even out skin tone.
  • Enhance Skin Glow and brights up.
  • Calms skins irritation
  • Fight bacteria and impurities
  • hydrates skin
  • Moisturizes under-eye area


Manisha fashionista Good Vibes Eye Serum - Cucumber & Lemon
Manisha fashionista – Blogs
Good Vibes Eye Serum - Cucumber & Lemon
Good Vibes Eye Serum


The product comes with cardboard packaging with 10ml of a navy blue color glass bottle. The bottle comes with a white screw cap that can be removed easily to fix amazing dropper for future use which makes application easy, less product use without wastage. The Bottle itself comes in cardboard packaging. All details are mentioned on the bottle and cardboard Packaging.

Good Vibes Eye Serum - Cucumber & Lemon
Good Vibes – Cucumber & Lemon

My Experience and Review:-

Good Vibes Eye Serum – Cucumber & Lemon

I was excited to use this product as I have never used any under-eye cream-gel or serum. Hence, the day received the parcel I started using it twice a day. The Texture of oil is soft and feels like water but the consistency is a little thicker not at all heavy on skin not even greasy. Just take a little amount of serum through the dropper dab on the skin and it easily absorbs in the skin without leaving any grassiness. As I mentioned I used it under my makeup and night before sleep to get rid of puffiness and darkness under my eyes. It serves the purpose my darkness around my eyes has been lightened.

Even, Good vibes under eyes serum have a very mild fragrance and it vanishes in while. After application, it feels smooth and soft under-eye area. Moreover, I felt it tighten the skin and brighten up my skin. Reduces the darkness and fine lines. No irritation no tingling or redness even sensitive skin people can try this, as I’m one of them.

Though, as a blogger I constantly use the laptop for writing editing sitting for long hrs. gives lots of darkness, puffiness around my under the eye. However, I can now say this serum has helped to overcome that issue as this immediately lights up my skin, fades wrinkle and puffiness. Applying twice a day makes my eye looks awake, healthier, and fresh. It hydrates the skin very well. So will recommend you to give it a chance and try the product. I’m impressed with the product and the result. It can take time but give it a try.

Pros and cons- The best part of a good vibe product and brand is its cruelty and paraben-free, works well for men and woman. The Bad about the products is they are only available on online websites not offline.

Rating 9.5/10

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