Good Vibes Lavender Shower Gel-Review-Manisha Fashionista

Product:- Good Vibes Lavender Shower Gel.

Brand: – Good Vibes (Made in India)

Product Form: – Gel

Fragrance: – Lavender

Price: – 189 Rs/-

Quantity: – 200ML

Skin Type: – Sensitive (All)

Shelf Life: 3 years

Good Vibes Soothing Shower Gel- Lavender (200 ml)

This blog is all about a quick review of a shower gel that I recently purchased and used. I am the type of person that constantly changes my shower gel and buys a new product. I want my bathroom necessities to be distinctive, aromatic, and make me feel very fresh. So this time got the Good Vibes Lavender soothing shower gel. The sole reason I purchased this item was that I loved the fragrance of lavender.

Good Vibes Lavender Soothing Shower Gel-Manisha Fashionista
Good Vibes shower gel

Product Description-Good Vibes Lavender Shower Gel

Good Vibes Lavender Soothing Shower Gel-Manisha Fashionista-

Lavender, which is known for relaxation, stress reduction, and fatigue, helps to smooth skin. Every time you shower by Good Vibes lavender soothing shower gel hydrates and calms your skin. Leaving you feeling refreshed and energized. Spa treatment and bathing time combined in one shower gel. The relaxing and soothing qualities of lavender are well recognized. The lavender soothing shower gel from Good Vibes is highly foamy and moisturizing. It cools and calms the body. The shower gel is ideal for people with sensitive skin. Gel washes gently while preventing dryness. It nourishes the skin, resulting in healthy, bright skin. It leaves you and your skin feeling fresh after every shower! The product is paraben-free.


Good vibes lavender soothing gels come in a plastic Bottle with a Golden top to flip and take an adequate amount of body wash in pretty color lavender in gel form. The bottle is transparent. The gel gives beautiful look to the bottle must say impressive packaging. All details of the product are mentioned on the bottle with the brand logo and name on it.

Good Vibes Lavender Soothing Shower Gel-Manisha Fashionista-
Good Vibes Lavender Soothing Shower Gel washes the skin deeply and eliminates dead skin cells, leaving it feeling refreshed after showering.

Why choose Good Vibes Lavender Soothing Shower Gel?

Good Vibes Soothing Shower Gel washes the skin deeply like-wise eliminates dead skin cells, leaving it feeling refreshed after showering.

Cleanses the skin:  This shower gel assists in the removal of dirt and pollutants from the skin.  It aids in the removal of bacteria and leaves your skin clean.

It revitalizes the senses: By radiating a pleasant and calming scent that aids in the stimulation of the senses.

Skin is healed: The calming scent of this shower gel soothes the skin maintains it to be smooth and supple.

Health Benefits of Lavender

  • Lavender helps to treat acne and blemishes.
  • Used for Aromatherapy.
  • Rich In anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Fights bacteria and dirt.
  • Reduces wrinkles and treats signs of aging.
  • Now Say No To –   *Impurities * Dirt  * Dead Skin cells.

How to use- Shower Gel

Use a Loofah to apply the desired amount of body wash. Form a nice lather by rubbing it across your body. Thoroughly clean and rinse with water.

My experience & Verdict- Good Vibes Lavender Shower Gel

My rating: – 4.9/5

Review:-The fragrance is amazing, gel consistency is thin and runny. It helps my skin to feel rejuvenated. I used the entire bottle, which lasted approximately 2 months. The gel has a soothing & calming effect. It is similar to giving your body aromatherapy. The scent de-stresses your thoughts. I strongly recommend using this shower gel in any season. It gives you a feeling of coolness and freshness. The product is inexpensive and made in India.

One thing would say the fragrance is not long-lasting that’s the only thing I don’t like about this gel. I hope you like this product review. Please share the blog if you like it. Please comment down if you have used any shower gel from good vibes and if you have used this one share your experience. Keep coming for a new blog post I will write more product reviews and much more. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @manisha_fashionista and do check my youtube channel Manisha Fashionista.

Good Vibes Lavender Soothing Shower Gel-Manisha Fashionista-
Good Vibes Lavender shower gel

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