Good vibes Almond facial oil- Manisha Fashionista

Brand: Good Vibes

Product Name: Good Vibes Skin Brightening Almond Facial Oil

Price: 125 INR

Form: Oil- (water consistency)

Fragrance: Mild almond

Good Vibes Almond Facial Oil-Product Review.

Good Vibes Almond Skin Brightening Facial Oil- Manisha Fashionista
Good Vibes Skin Brightening Almond Facial Oil. Treat your skin to the purity of good vibes. The best part products are Cruelty-Paraben Free.

Hello, lovely people if you are reading this blog that means you are definitely looking to try new facial oil or serum or may be used before, or I am assuming you want to try new good vibes facial oil (Good Vibes Almond Facial Oil)

Here I am with a new skincare product review blog for you all. I will be sharing all the details and experiences in the article. This review is totally based on my personal experience and how the product worked on my skin. However, this may vary with the skin type and where you belong.

Good Vibes is a natural brand of skincare that includes a range of items for skin care, including carrier oils, essential oils, body lotions, face washes, etc. The goods are only available on’s official website & also on amazon. The best part about this brand is they always run with amazing offers and discounts. Cause of that I have done bulk shopping in less amount happily. Worth all products

How I Landed to buy Good Vibes Product.

One fine day I was shopping online on I came across this product. As I have oily & sensitive skin and I also have acne dark spot/mark and uneven skin tone, but I was always spectacle about using any serum or facial oil because of fear of harmful chemicals. After reading reviews and watching videos I felt like trying this one cause of its claims and Good vibes products are Cruelty-Free, Paraben-free.

Why Almond oil?

Manisha Fashionista- Good Vibes Skin Brightening Almond Facial Oil-Product Review.
Good Vibes Skin Brightening Almond Facial Oil

Almond oil Benefits:

Almond oil can enhance the complexion and tone of the skin more than soothing dry skin. It is highly emollient, which means that the absorption of moisture and water loss helps to balance it. Almond oil can be used to treat acne because it’s antibacterial and full of vitamin A.

How I used it– good vibes almond oil review

Good vibes almond oil for face-I use to apply it, especially at night before I go to sleep cause at night our body gets time to rest and skin to breathe. I thought this is the best time for me so the oil will show the results. Before applying this oil I used to wash my face to keep my skin clean and clear after that I apply toner, used the dropper to pour oil on the palm as per requirement, and apply oil in an upward direction just refer to the picture. I use to apply almond facial oil & moisturizer or only oil sometimes before sleep leaving all night for the magic

Manisha Fashionista- Good Vibes Skin Brightening Almond Facial Oil-Product Review.

Note: Always apply products on a clean face only.

PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS-Good vibes Almond facial oil

Active Ingredients: Almond, Almond Extracts, Almond
Oil, Almond Shell, Almond Vita Complex

Benefits: Skin Brightening, Strengthening

Skin Concern: Dark Circles, Dark Spots, Uneven Skin Tone

Specialty: Cruelty-Free, Paraben Free



Manisha Fashionista- Good Vibes Skin Brightening Almond Facial Oil-Product Review.



The bottle comes in cardboard packaging, it’s a glass bottle of 10ml, comes along with a dropper in it with its makes easy to use oil and wastage of oil. So, need to worry about extra use of the product.



Claims for Skin Concern:

  • Treat your skin to the purity of Positive Vibes Skin Brightening Almond Facial Oil.
  • It is made to keep your skin glowing and clear.
  • Almond oil is a popular choice for skin enhancement.
  • It helps even out skin tone that improves skin complexion.
  • With continuous use, it also helps fade dark circles.


Manisha Fashionista- Good Vibes Skin Brightening Almond Facial Oil-Product Review.

My Experience Review- Good vibes Almond facial oil

Honestly, I started using it the day I received it. So I used it for a month. I felt it’s not creased or oily on the skin and it gets absorbs into the skin properly, gives a natural shine to the skin. I felt it works well but I haven’t felt it faded many spots, but if I will keep using it will definitely prove the claims. Maybe it takes time to the show result. I will recommend this cause of no side effects but keep using it for a good time that will work. I am satisfied cause oil started doing the job on my face. Dark spots are fading slightly. I can see visible changes. It didn’t whiten my skin though as product and brand claims. The best part of the products is Cruelty-Free, Paraben Free.

Good vibes products are amazing trust me guys not only oil overall experience of good vibe products. In my case, I love the quality, quantity, packaging overall great products. Considering the price, it is a fantastic piece. The fragrance of almond oil is mild. After my skin routine, I use it overnight and it makes all my skin hydrated, soft, and supple overnight. My acne reduced, and so did the scars. Improves the skin texture smooth out tiny bumps and spots helps to glow and enhance the skin texture. Worth a shot, I’d recommend it. It is worth every penny.

Rating: 8/10

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